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HKAFF Winter 2016

22 December 2016 - Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival Winter 2016 winners:

Best Narrative Feature Film: Shotgun (Australia) by Paddy Jessop. “Robbed, fired, dumped and off his meds, he now sees things that aren't there. Insanity and hatred grow while his rage festers, his mind is chaos and he wants others to pay for it. Madness will take him and his shotgun will purge.”


Best Documentary Feature Film: Nobody Knows My Songs (Canada) by Zoran Maslic. “A photographer enters the world of a homeless punk rocker who is in love and the project turns into a friendship. It becomes an emotional and spiritual quest for the answer to the question of belonging. After 37 years in Canada, this Armenian who grew up in Syria and Lebanon decides to become an immigrant again. Because of the woman he loves, he is moving to Turkey.”


Best Narrative Short Film: [molk] (Canada) by Terence Chotard, Raphael J. Dostie. “Alone in the depths of a concrete labyrinth, a man patrols the empty alleys of an abandoned underground parking.”


Best Documentary Short Film: Tak Chung Wu (United States) by Tyler Russo. “Tak Chung Wu, 96, recalls details of his life.”


Best Animated Short Film: Jungle Taxi (Japan) by Hakhyun Kim. “The taxi driver picks up an unwelcome fare in the jungle. He does as he's told and takes his customer to fetch the man close to death on the beach. Arrived at the destination, the cabbie reaches inside his jacket for a gun.”


Best Underground Film: The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut (Netherlands) by Rene Nuijens. “The short film ‘The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut’ was made for the 51st anniversary of human space flight. On 12 April 1961, the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (1934-68) yelled ‘Off we go!’ as he was blasted off from a dusty steppe in Kazakhstan to become the first human in space. This historical event made a Belgrade boy start dreaming of becoming Yugoslavian Cosmonaut #1... And now it’s time to visit Yuri Gagarin Boulevard in Novi Belgrade, Serbia to pay tribute. Let’s all lay flowers.”


Best Experimental Film: Heart & Soul: S12 E10 (Canada) by Patrick Blenkarn, Lily Ross-Millard. “In Heart and Soul: S12 E10, we watch two bodies endure the oppressive stillness of a red room. One of them is sick. One of them is indecisive. As they wait for the Doctor, a blue light compels them to dance.”


Best Music Video: Tape of Love (Austria) by Daniel Geronimo Prochaska.


Best Hong Kong Film: A Journey of Searching Ringo by JC Jessie. “Shoveling into the last incognizable century I trace for You. In the loudness of the percussion. Through the lustrous embroideries. I look for any proof of. Your handwork your penmanship. Interspersed among. The Filament The Cuts The Drawings.”

Official selection Winter 2016:

Jungle Taxi (Japan) by Hakhyun Kim

Ø (nullset) (Netherlands) by Daniel Donato, Lisa-Marie Vlietstra

Parking 21 (Brazil) by Gustavo Gelmini

Gymnast (Greece) by Glen MacKay

Shotgun (Australia) by Paddy Jessop

Inner Me (Italy) by Antonio Spanò

The Landscape Within (Philippines) by Andrea Capranico

Heart & Soul: S12 E10 (Canada) by Patrick Blenkarn, Lily Ross-Millard

Lion Dance (U.S.) by Tim Pattinson, Zheng Kang

Snake Eating Its Own Tail (Finland) by Tuomas Anttonen

Unwanted Heritage (Croatia) by Irena Skoric

Peaceful Life (France) by Sébastien Bellaval

Car Crush (Spain) by Albert Sala

Force & Honor (France) by Maxime Cordon, Thibaut Dupuis

Nobody Knows My Songs (Canada) by Zoran Maslic

Lavey Laveau, "Nocturne Magnum Opus 9, No. 1" (U.S.) by Christopher Haines, John Patrick Sellars, Lon Lawson

Strange Beauty (Australia) by Mathilde Nocquet

Flyblacks (Israel) by Eitan Ben Moshe

Falcor - Alive (Sweden) by Paul Jerndal

My Dear Dorje (China) by Wang Yao

Uncle Cairang (China) by Wang Yao

You (Hong Kong) by Wang Yao, Wang Shengbo, Zhi Yaqing

Phantasmagoria Cafe (Not Specified) by Daghan Dalgic

Supernatural (Spain) by Juan Figueroa

Squame (Canada) by Nicolas Brault

Imagining Time (Australia) by Jelena Sinik

Spoor. (China) by H.W. Lee

When the River stops whispering (France) by Lucas Malbrun

Snapped (Ireland) by Phillip Connolly

Men from Montreal in November (Canada) by Pascal Robitaille, Matthew Wolkow

You'll Never Know (U.S.) by Freddy Rodriguez

Yuri on the Phone (Netherlands) by Rene Nuijens

The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut (Netherlands) by Rene Nuijens

Patrioska (Portugal) by Tiago Araújo

Tak Chung Wu (Not Specified) by Tyler Russo

Skin Deep (U.S.) by Lulu Jiang

Say "Brrooom" or black booth (Ukraine) by Sashko Balabai

Nation’s Legacy of Severance (Canada) by Zohar Melinek

Roller Monster (Belgium) by Manu Gomez

Kachi Kachi (U.S.) by Jory Lee Cordy

The Algebra of Need (U.S.) by David Williams

She Wants Revenge (U.S.) by HBG

Timescapes (U.S.) by Trevor Hewitt

[molk] (Canada) by Terence Chotard, Raphaël J. Dostie

Dance of the Neurons (U.S.) by Jody Oberfelder and Eric Siegel

The Afghan Bruce Lee (China) by Jayga Rayn

Suss Cunts - Anaemic Boyfriend (Australia) by Will Suen (Hong Kong) by Alex.Rodriguez

Skate.for.Real (Hong Kong) by Alex.Rodriguez

Hong Kong Urban Tour (Hong Kong) by Alex Rodriguez

Yes Sir Noceur - Voodoo (Australia) by Tom Adam

Suicide Note (U.K.) by Marina Waltz

The Breath ( Swasa ) (India) by Murthy Y.S.N

A Journey of Searching (Hong Kong) by JC Jessie

Fields In Mist (U.K.) by John Woodman

Muji (Hong Kong) by Steve Woo

Tunisia 2045 (France) by Ted Hardy-Carnac

The Year I Did Acid (Canada) by Chandra Siddan

Cash aka Gen Ar (France) by Gilles Thompson

Senior Teacher (China) by Sha Mo

Eventide (Brazil) by Muriel Paraboni

Tell Tale (U.S.) by Alex Zou

Near the Mountains (Norway) by Flint Juventino Beppe

Nanny Culture (United Arab Emirates) by Paul James Driscoll

Immental (U.K.) by Marcus Lee

Silence in Kyoto (Hong Kong) by Kees van Es

Woodside (U.S.) by David Orlowitz

Tape of Love (Austria) by Daniel Geronimo Prochaska

Eros Diary (U.S.) by Morrison Gong

Blood Letting (U.S.) by William S. Davis

Skygaze · Drop (Spain) by Diego Torres

Beast (U.S.) by Tim Carpenter

Nose (U.K.) by Mitch Vancouver

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