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HKAFF Summer 2016

24 June 2016 - Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival Summer 2016 winners:

Best Narrative Feature Film: Night Sea Journey (Austria) by Tina Feyrer. “After receiving an odd text from a stranger during dinner, Neeve decides to stay the night at her old friend Julius' house. As the evening progresses Neeve's reality begins to flip and the lines between sleep and awake become very blurred indeed.”


Best Documentary Feature Film: Crossroads of Journalism Dreams (China) by Xiaoran Liu. “What happens when Chinese students with a Chinese journalism background encounter contrasting journalistic ideals, ethics and principles when they arrive in New York? When it comes to these two discrete forms of journalism, Chinese versus American, how will they choose their career after graduation? Going back to China working under censorship and staying in America trying to get work visa, both are not easy for them. This documentary shows their choices and follows two years after their graduation. It tells the story of five young people, who experienced bitterness and happiness when facing the future.”


Best Narrative Short Film: Jeena (Thailand) by Thamsatid Charoenrittichai. “A story about a boy who try to communicate with his deaf girlfriend during they break-up.”


Best Documentary Short Film: Mara and Kaja, Dolina, Sava river (Croatia) by Alen Kocic. “Documentary short film about Mara and Kaja who live in the valley of the Sava River. They are two sisters aged 80, who live alone, have no children. They do not have any electricity, telephone, television, radio or cell phones. Nothing they do not need, they say. They do not know who the president, or prime minister, or cares. They are asylum simple beauty of life, in this asylum of today's world that would make everyone else that we can. We do not have everything we want, but if you look around you will see that we have everything we need. Peace and tranquility, how to achieve it? Simplicity. To show how the wealth and excess led us to a position of dependence and restlessness, depression and anxiety states. We forgot the little things in life, spiritual feelings, love, time spent in the family. The desire for more, better, stronger overran us all. What today means a normal man, the term is lost, we only have large and small people. The film shows the possibility of a simple life without technology, some would say it is poverty. Is that right?”


Best Animated Short Film: Sunicorn (U.S.) by Tuo Kan, Jinzhi Du. “A strange fisherman who lives in the North Pole owns a loving beautiful unicorn. He throws his unicorn to burn the moon into the sun. He transforms the moon into the sun in order to melt the snowy avalanche which will save his life.”


Best Underground Film: Dirty Back Seat (United Kingdom) by Ersel Ulutash. “A London cabbie gets his world turned upside down when a mysterious woman who is running away from a heist gone bad gets into his cab.”


Best Experimental Film: One floor above sing until someone swims with dolphins (Russia) by Vik Laschenov. “My heroes works in large corporations, buy food in the shops, have dinner at cafe and restaurants. They are successful, sleek, provided, but a little bit unhappy. They are trying to find themselves and unconsciously seek to the nature. They comes to the forest. They try to be so using familiar objects and comfortable ways of interacting with others. Their colleagues believe they moved in downshifting demons. They need something to do about it.”


Best Music Video: Tom And His Computer "Organ" (Denmark) by Martin Garde Abildgaard. “A captivating and surreal story about birth...”


Best Hong Kong Film: Miles to Go by Edwin Lee. “Miles to Go is set in a bleak depopulated Hong Kong, long abandoned by its former inhabitants. The film follows a courier who traverses the barren cityscape to deliver a special package to a mysterious individual...from another time.”

Official selection Summer 2016:

Welcome To Dead Hotel (China) by Li Bin

Silo, A Spiritual Path (Chile) by Pablo Lavín, Director, Pedro Miccelli, Art Director

No Place Like Home (U.K.) by Emily Langdon Smith

Playing Lecuona (Spain) by Pavel Giroud and JuanMa Villar Betancort

Sunicorn (U.S.) by Tuo Kan, Jinzhi Du

The king and the crown (U.S.) by Charlotte Neuwels

Smart Dress Is Absolutely Essential (U.K.) by Slawomir Milewski

Figurine (Canada) by 

Private Waltz (U.K.) by Marina Waltz

Syncretic_Noise (U.S.) by Stephen Bullen

Jeena (Thailand) by Thamsatid Charoenrittichai

Something To Save You (Russian Federation) by Vis Vitalis

Kite Zhang's Kites (China) by Nathan Yun

Love Life Ghent (Belgium) by Jan Boon, Niko Himschoot, Laura Herminades, Anthony Schatteman, Anthony Van Roosendael, Yim Brakel

A Breath of Life (Greece) by 

Dirigible (U.S.) by Sam Wolk

IRRLA3UFER (Germany) by Moritz Draheim

Scent of Love (U.S.) by Chengcheng Feng

Promenade (Argentina) by Cirila Luz Ferron

Miles to Go (Hong Kong) by Edwin Lee

Through Dark Glass (U.S.) by Miah Allsman

Für Elise (Taiwan) by Albert Ventura

Darkslide (Canada) by Brendan Petersen

Mama's Home (Hong Kong) by Nikhail Asnani

To Another Self (Taiwan) by Kimberly Ho

The Man From Death (U.S.) by Stephen Reedy

Four Wise Monkeys (U.K.) by Julija Iruskinaite

Sweet Girls (Switzerland) by Jean-Paul Cardinaux, Xavier Ruiz

At the Rodeo (U.S.) by Cris Siqueira

Broken Sight (Austria) by Herbert Gantner

Centaur (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Aleksandra Niemczyk

Maniacs (Sweden) by Isabella Carbonell

Diversxs (Not Specified) by Afioco,, Jorge Garrido

Between Black and White (Greece) by Socrates Alafouzos

Julien's Bed (Not Specified) by Kirk Shannon-Butts

Mara and Kaja, Dolina, Sava river (Croatia) by 

Nulla (Germany) by Delfina Mayer

Billets Doux (France) by Simon Thoral

Loon (U.S.) by Matthew Maloney

My Shell (U.S.) by Ashley Dallman

Dove (Greece) by Konstantinos Chaliasas

Morningdeer: Therapy (Hungary) by Nikol Cibulya

Skate.for.Real (Hong Kong) by Alex.Rodriguez

Night Sea Journey (Austria) by Tina Feyrer

Wait Wait Spring (U.S.) by Cade Bursell

Noriko (Austria) by Christian Jilka

The Most Beautiful Thing In The World (Netherlands) by Danyael Sugawara

Fools (U.S.) by Benjamin Meyer

The Anatomy of Vengeance (Sweden) by Bogdan Szyber

Castling (Turkey) by Saİf Hamad

The Final Resolution (U.S.) by Brian Ronalds

Nourhane, a child's dream (1080 file) (Lebanon) by May Kassem

Crossroads of Journalism Dreams (China) by Xiaoran Liu

Alfheim's Edge (U.K.) by Sam Mardon

Parallax (U.S.) by Kyle Sherling

New Arrival (France) by Le Corroller Marion

The Fish Of The Soul (France) by Lucente Jourdan

Rules of The Game (France) by Ambroise Carminati

Waste no.2 Wreck (Finland) by Jan Ijäs

Ghost Rockets (Sweden) by Michael Cavanagh, Kerstin Übelacker

Whistle (South Korea) by Lee WooSuk

The Runner (U.S.) by Justin Berardi

Scenes From Her Bedroom (U.S.) by Caitlyn Eckhardt

Bouquet (U.K.) by David Findlay

Nona (Italy) by Massimo Volta

The Kübler-Ross Model (Philippines) by Aya Ng

Bridge (India) by Amit Ranjan Biswas

Blood Hunters (Philippines) by Vincent Soberano

Reconstructing Reality (Netherlands) by Alice Wong

Tom And His Computer "Organ" (Denmark) by Martin Garde Abildgaard

Skytowers (Hong Kong) by Lam Chak Ki Hiro

The Separation Loop (Germany) by Leyla Rodriguez

All the other things (Russia) by Egor Chichkanov

Dog-Faced Honey (U.S.) by Elijah Noble El

Mikumentary REMIX (U.S.) by Tara Knight

Vici (U.S.) by Johnny Kirk

Butterfly (China) by Zhenxing Zhang

Deep Slumber (U.S.) by Kirby Light

Beginning (Korea, Republic of) by hyunjoo kim

Run (South Korea) by hyunjoo kim

Win (Kazakhstan) by Sabit Abdi

Aurora (Greece) by Despina Ikonomopulu

Nightide (U.S.) by Kevin Anderson

Exhibit (U.K.) by Pinar Ogun

Peer (Netherlands) by Jeffrey Tomberg

A Soldier Returns (U.S.) by Charles Tashiro

Holy Night (Germany) by Danae Diaz

Final Cassette (China) by Lianghong Deng

The Complete Circle (U.S.) by Jaime Ekkens

Cut Me Short (U.S.) by Camilo Barria

Midnight Delight (U.S.) by Rohit Gupta

Brutalism Beats (Germany) by Tosh Leykum, Janin Walter

Bahia Delivery (Brazil) by Thiago Sobreira Rodrigues

Runtime (U.S.) by Michael Selle

A Tiny Evolution of an Escapee (China) by Makar Ke Ma

Sparsh (Singapore) by Dag Kaszlikowski

The Girl Who Stole The Sun (Brunei Darussalam) by Atikah Zailani

Too much love will kill you (France) by Christophe Karabache

Another World - Those Who Come By Sea - (France) by Manuela Morgaine

Dead Country (Italy) by Giovanni Roviaro

Redd (U.S.) by zach sky

Dirty Back Seat (U.K.) by Ersel Ulutash

Confessional (Hong Kong) by Leo Chiu

Seven Never Wins (Australia) by Stella Kim

Enough. (Not Specified) by Naomi Mark

Staid (Ireland) by Paul O'Brien

Ursa Minor (Greece) by Elissavet Chronopoulou

The Sleeping Tree (Bahrain) by Mohammed Rashed Buali

On Copper Wings (U.S.) by Dave Fischer

RWANDArt (Not Specified) by Sarine Arslanian

Not Otherwise Specified (Portugal) by Patrícia Bandeira

The Earth is Flat (U.K.) by Patrícia Bandeira

One floor above sing until someone swims with dolphins. (Russia) by Vik Laschenov

Good Thinking, Those Who've Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons (U.S.) by Anthony Donovan

We Were Swimming (U.K.) by Jesse May Fisher

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