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HKAFF Spring 2016

23 March 2016 - Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival Spring 2016 winners:

Best Narrative Feature Film: Wintergast (Winter Guest) (Switzerland) by Andy Herzog, Matthias Guenter. “It's been seven years since film academy graduate Stefan Keller released his celebrated short film. Ever since, Keller has been in a creative crisis. Although he already filled 2000 pages with notes for his first feature film, the rough draft is far from finished. Much to the disappointment of his girlfriend Christina whose biological clock is ticking. Now, living in a basement room and in financial distress, Keller takes on a job as an anonymous tester of youth hostels. It's the beginning of a mad odyssey: Keller desperately fights for his film idea, tries to save his relationship and encounters strange characters and ordinary folk, all searching for the meaning of life.”


Best Narrative Short Film: Dichterliebe: Poetlove (United States) by David Paul. “'Dichterliebe: POETLOVE,' is an adaptation of Robert Schumann's 19th century art-song cycle, which tells the story of a young man who experiences his first love and heartbreak, throwing him into deep despair, until he finds his conduit through art.”


Best Documentary Feature Film: Free (Croatia) by Tomislav Zaja

FREE is following a group of people with intellectual disabilities that are locked away in Croatian institutions and their path to freedom. One day our characters are informed that they will be released. After decades spent in institutions their dream will finally come true. But this is not the end - it�s just a beginning. Ivan always wanted to be a police officer, Enes buys a video camera and starts to document his everyday life, Tina and Kruno wants to get married, Mirko and Tomo are dreaming to become football coaches in their favorite local club, Silvia starts singing in the church choir, Andjelko is trying to find a girl and the job...


Best Documentary Short Film: Joseph Samuel Jacques Julien (Canada) by David N. Bernatchez

Jacques is 59. Seller by profession, he has been working in Quebec City all his life. In this French Canadian part of the world, it is weather, sport and hunting taht keeps many people busy. The last months though, have been particularly difficult for Jacques: bereaved of his wife, he is slow to recover. Change of life? Shed of skin? The political context might confuse it's situation, but the narrator insists : Jacques can still hope.


Best Animated Short Film: Scent of Geranium (United States) by Naghmeh Farzaneh. “Immigration is a new chapter in one's life, a chapter with unexpected events that can take one's life down paths different from the one imagined. This film is an autobiographical account of the director's experience with immigration.”


Best Underground Film: Sunny star (France) by Maxence Vassilyevitch. “At a strange villa six young people come together lazing under a summer sun. They are children of the night, children of dreams, coming from everywhere and nowhere, they are here, united like a tribe.”


Best Experimental Film: Kaleidoscope (Germany) by Telemach Wiesinger

By land, air and sea: an audio-visual travelogue in twenty-one chapters Weaving together numerous journeys across Europe and North America shot in his signature deadpan style, Wiesinger opens up a wondrous world of movements and structures. This heady adventure of discovery is brought together by an innovative soundtrack that envelopes the black and white 16mm images in a kaleidoscope of contemporary musical compositions and abstract sounds.


Best Music Video: Pattern Repeating (Norway) by Daniel Howlid. Elliot Moss music video.


Best Hong Kong Film: Flip Flops by Haolu Wang. “Young Hong Kong couple Anna and Thomas are having a fight during one afternoon in the nature of Hong Kong. Hurt by her boyfriend's wrongdoing, the proud Anna has trouble forgiving the inexpressive Thomas despite his awkward efforts to make it up to her. Thomas goes for a winter swim in the Hong Kong ocean to clear his mind, while Anna falls asleep on the beach. Time passes as the beach crowd gradually leaves the beach one after another. Anna wakes up around sunset to the sound of a boy kicking beach ball, and finds Thomas disappeared. The beach is now empty. Has he left her? She panics.”

Official selection Spring 2016:

With Hammer & Scalpel (U.S.) by Axel

The Poland Journey (Israel) by Hila Timor Adhur

JR Senmō Main Line (Japan) by Michito Tanaka

Scent of Geranium (U.S.) by Naghmeh Farzaneh

Genesis (U.S.) by Timur Orge

Seven Days After My Death (Hong Kong) by li bin

That Called Love (Argentina) by Victoria Chaya Miranda

Wintergast (Winter Guest) (Switzerland) by Andy Herzog, Matthias Guenter

The Nude (France) by Brian Zahm

Ogris Debris – See The World (Austria) by LWZ

Zombiehagen (Denmark) by Jonas Ussing

Marzipan Flowers (Israel) by Adam Kalderon

Sleepwalkers (U.K.) by Altea Claveras

Lead and Shrooms (U.S.) by Max Wehner

Guao (Dominican Republic) by Eduardo Velázquez

House on the Edge of the Planet (Ukraine) by Alex Sobolev, Misha

Cecil (New Zealand) by Chin-Ann Teh

Fruitcake (U.K.) by Harriet Francis Croucher

Home Away From Home (Austria) by Markus Ortner

Dodgem (France) by Christophe Karabache

Joseph Samuel Jacques Julien (Canada) by David N. Bernatchez

Ridden by Nature (U.S.) by Kathi Von Koerber

Kaleidoscope (Germany) by Telemach Wiesinger

I will be better (Serbia) by Aćim Vasić

In the Wind (China) by Lan Shuzhang

The Notion of Mistake (Canada) by Nicolas Krief, Jean-François Chagnon

The Banisher of Thought (Norway) by Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen

Pia, no (Germany) by Victoria Maria Rehm

The First Meditation (France) by Mahmoud Jaber, Amer Heneini

#Beings 2015 - poetic film (Romania) by Andrei Stefanescu

Axiom (France) by Geoffrey Crété

Grounded (U.K.) by Will Hooper, Jack Snelling

K-SHOP (U.K.) by Dan Pringle

Un Condor (Greece) by Yiannis Kolozis

Salt (Norway) by maria lloyd

Lifeline (China) by Bin Li

Nail House (China) by K. S. McMullen

Flip Flops (Hong Kong) by Haolu Wang

Ophelia Did Not Drown (Italy) by Francesca Fini

Pigeons shit everywhere (Belgium) by Fred De Loof

Sparrow Duet (U.S.) by Steve socki

Married (U.S.) by Junnan (Heather) Chen

After Work (China) by mengna Lei

God is dead (South Korea) by Hye-jin Kim, Hye-ryung Kim

The Blue Room -al-ḥamdu Li-Llāh (Morocco) by Bettina D'mello, Dr:Khan

Diary of a Girl (U.S.) by Sara Marandi

O - The Movie (Norway) by frank aron gårdsø

Adam Minus Eve (Réunion) by Aurélia Mengin

No pain (Spain) by Mürfila

Pattern Repeating (Norway) by HochR

Meatball Boom (Japan) by Akihiro Tanioka

Sunny star (France) by Maxence Vassilyevitch

Stationary (U.K.) by Seb Whyte

Ukraine will win! (Not Specified) by Timofey Landrev

Dichterliebe: Poetlove (U.S.) by David Paul

"The Keys" - Music Video (Switzerland) by Sonia Benarab, Archie Thomas, Joe Hoster

Winter (U.S.) by Firas Aladai

Reza Abdoh, Theatre Visionary (U.S.) by Adam Soch

Free (Croatia) by Tomislav Zaja

Time Rojak (Singapore) by Isaac Kerlow

Pink Smoke (Finland) by Sevgi Eker

Beirut Of The Balkans (Lebanon) by Nicolas Khoury

The Disharmony of Flesh (Turkey) by Emir Ziyalar

Malice (Spain) by Javier Barcala

The Vanitas (Hong Kong) by Wong Ngo Kwan

The Lovely Rejects (U.S.) by Judy Phu

Kurung Manuk (Bird Cage) (Indonesia) by Sigit Pradityo

Vacant (Australia) by Elle Marsh

"Athens From Beneath" the documentary of the newly poor (Greece) by Takis Bardakos

The Terminal Position (U.K.) by Marc Blackie

Don't Forget Me (U.S.) by Justin Ehrlich

Narcissus (U.S.) by Santiago Echeverry

Aijo (U.S.) by Hart Ginsburg, Sze-Chin, Schmudde

Red Egg (Hong Kong) by Hoi Chiu

Odd Beholder - Landscape Escape (Switzerland) by Andrea Grambow, Joscha Kirchknopf

Anima Radix (Australia) by Fernando Silva De la Cruz

Heis / Paralysis (la guerre des coudes) (France) by Anais Volpe

Sun Valley (U.S.) by Sasha Gransjean

A man : Amen, What Leads Life (South Korea) by Hyungbo Son

Golden Genes (Austria) by Ursula Hansbauer, Clemens Stachel, Wolfgang Konrad

Inner Revolution (France) by Alexandre Ferrini

Awakening (Finland) by Rolf Lindblom

Johannes Moser plays Dvořák (Netherlands) by Zoe D'Amaro, Marco Della Coletta

On the road, somewhere (Dominican Republic) by Guillermo Zouain

Masha Qrella - DJ (Germany) by Diana Naecke

Pierpaolo (Spain) by Miguel Angel Barroso

A Young King Must Die (U.S.) by Alexander Roman

Devastator (U.S.) by Adolfo Cantu-Villarreal

True Love (Taiwan) by Johann Schulz

Darkness Falls (Sweden) by Jarno Vinsencius

The Calling (U.K.) by Chris Boyd

[cthorsion scrypt fantomsens] (U.K.) by Chris Boyd

Sino Philes (long) (Hong Kong) by Cassandra Chan

The Other woman', Zizi's dream (Ireland) by Zizi Rincolisky

Pages 321 Part-1 (India) by 

Brunfelsia (Australia) by Anna Constantinova

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