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SESSION 2: 20 JUNE, 9-11PM

Location: Hong Kong Arts Centre
2 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
This screening session features 11 short films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.​ I
ntroduction by Jane Ching.

Blue Lights (US) by Yuan Lingxi, Bea Vischer

Synopsis: Coming soon. Running time: 00:02:54.


Selections/awards: The Johns Hopkins FF.

Blue Lights.jpg

Prestige (Iran) by Zahra Ahooei


Synopsis: Mahsa is an Iranian woman TV presenter. She sings and posts her videos on Instagram anonymously. As a result of this, Mahsa faces a challenge during one of her shows. She now needs to decide between leaving the country and losing her job… Running time: 00:14:55.


Awards/selections: Venice Film Week, Boston Short FF, MikroFAF International Short FF (Winner Special Mention Plaque), Super Shorts London FF, Amsterdam Independent FF, Bruges International FF, and more.


About the director: Zahra Ahooei (Tehran, 1990) began her career as a writer, journalist and researcher within social, scientific and cultural realms in national press. After graduating from Hilaj Film School, Ahooei directed her first short film called “Extra Time” (2015). “Prestige” is her third short film.


Dragon (USA) by Dane Cree, Lisa Poppe

Synopsis: A lonely dragon makes his way through a series of emotional obstacles and physical changes as he goes on a search to find his friends. Running time: 00:04:30.


Selections/awards: Supernova Digital Animation Fest (Directors Choice Award), Changing Face IFF, Flip the Script Fest, Do It Zero - A Zero Budget FF, Overmountain Animation Fest, and more.


About the director: Dane Cree is an independent animator based in Minneapolis, USA.


The Psychlist (Norway) by Martin A. Walther


Synopsis: When his daughter died under tragic events just 11 months old, the bicycle became the only rescue for Per. Running time: 00:08:00.


Selections/awards: Brussels Independent FF, Sydney World FF (best Documentary Short), and more.


About the director: Martin A. Walther (1986) comes from Trondheim, Norway. He has a BA in film science from the University of Trondheim and a BA in documentary directing from University of Lillehammer. After finishing his education he worked as a teacher for three years before returning to directing film. The documentary short “Train Robbers” was his directorial debut. The film was an international success at film festival, winning several prices, and was selected for the international competition at Clermont Ferrand. 'The Psychlist' is his second film.

The Psychlist.jpg

The awakening of the insects (France) by Stephanie Lansaque, Francois Leroy

Synopsis: Hong Kong. Mr Lam is an old gentleman who loses his memory since the death of his wife. On March 5, the day of “the awakening of the hibernating insects”, he receives the unexpected visit of old Ms. Meng. This Taoist exorcist is determined to chase the demons lodging in the head of the old man. Running time: 00:14:09.


Selections/awards: Annecy IFF (Best Original Score), Gangneung IFF, Festival of Animation of Berlin, Kuandu International Animation FF, Tehran International Short FF, and more.


About the director: In 2002, Francois and Stephanie traveled to Asia for the first time. They loved the atmosphere so much that they decided to work together on their first film ‘Goodbye Mister Chu‘ which talks about Vietnamese traditions and the lost soul’s festival. In 2009, they released ‘Mei Ling’ a fantasy film which takes place behind closed doors in a Hong Kong apartment. Three other shorts about Vietnam then followed. ‘The awakening of the insects’ is their sixth short film.

The awakening of the insects.jpg

Before We Collide (UK) by Guy Gooch, Gregor Petrikovic


Synopsis: Before We Collide is a short film shot on a Nishika N8000 analog lenticular camera consisting of over 800 photographs pieced together. In a haunting encounter, the film captures our fragmented perception of time during the pandemic while exploring the dynamics of mutual support. The film does not give the impression that it is made for me, you, or anyone for that matter. It simply exists as an artifact that can be witnessed, like found footage of a ghostly apparition. Running time: 00:01:10.


Selections/awards: Super Shorts London FF, Sydney World FF.

Before We Collide.jpg

Appassionata (Hong Kong) by Hiu Nam Tang


Synopsis: Nam is a young pianist on her way to becoming an outstanding soloist. In a rehearsal of Nam's first recital, as she is traumatized by her mother in past performance, she fails to satisfy her teacher. As the performance day is around the corner, she is finding her way to deal with her loneliness, jealousy, and traumas... Running time:00:19:00.


About the director: Tang graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, major in Film & Television. She has attended the 11th Golden Sugarcane Film Festival and won the Best Actress. Tang has studied directing intensive summer course in the University of South California in 2019. She has been working as an assistant for award-winning director Mr. Patrick Tam since 2019, especially for his co-directed film “Septet”, which is selected in Cannes Film Festival. She has recently been working as assistant director and scriptwriter for various directors.


Leap (Argentina) by Juan Baio, Eino Antonio

Synopsis: On the rooftop of a massive building, surrounded by the blazing Buenos Aires’ skyline, two friends are taking a relaxing sunbath. In the flash of an instant an unexpected event takes place, which will call into question their friendship and leave them both on the brink of a resolution that could change their lives. Running time: 00:02:37.


About the director: Juan and Eino met in Buenos Aires in the process of making a short film. Juan is a graduate from the acting program of Universidad Nacional de las Artes. Eino graduated graduated as Film Director from Universidad del Cine.


Snake Dick (USA) by David Mahmoudieh



Synopsis: Jill's got the snake. Julia's got the flute. Alone, they have nothing. But together, they have a secret weapon to fight the darkness... Running time: 00:07:47.


Selections/awards: South London International FF (Winner Best International Short Film), Salem Horror Fest (Winner Audience Award), Venice Film Week, British Horror FF, Brussels Independent FF, and more.

About the director: Born in the UK to immigrant parents, David is half-Iranian and half-British-French-Canadian. He began his career as a trainee AD on productions including 'X-Files', 'The Outer Limits' and 'Batman Begins'. He won the ECU Screenwriting Contest with his spec script, 'Rain'— the story of a young girl with an allergy to water — now in active development as an 8-part mini-series with Neve Campbell attached to star and produce. He was recently hired by creators of Star Trek to write and direct the adaptation of their graphic novel, 'Worth'. Last year David directed his first feature-film as a “director-for-hire”, the indie drama 'See You Soon' starring Harvey Keitel, Liam McIntyre and Poppy Drayton. (Disclaimer: he hates it!) 'Parallel', a film David directed for the charity, recently won Best Dramatic Short at Shiver International Film Festival.


Beauty & the Beasts (Hong Kong) by Aggie Pak Yee Lee

Synopsis: That night, a lady met a group of lovely beasts - gigantic slimy cheesy ones. Running time: 00:03:32.


About the director: Aggie Pak Yee Lee is an audio-visual artist from Hong Kong, graduated in Estonia. Her works draw inspiration from the playful relationship between the flow of sound and of images, with a tint of stupidity. Some of her experimental and narrative shorts were showcased in several festivals such as Sundance, Annecy, Filmfest Dresden and Insomnia.

Beauty & the Beasts.jpg

Neighbour (Georgia) by David Borchkhadze

Synopsis: The quiet life of Beso and his daughter is suddenly disrupted when neighbouring workers damage the wall of their house. Running time: 00:30:00.


Selections/awards: Brussels Independent FF, Super Shorts Ny, Super Shorts LA, Sydney World FF, and more.


About the director: David Borchkhadze has been working around sets since the age of 16. He worked as editor at almost all TV channels in Georgia, and later directed episodes on several TV shows, including one of the first reality shows in Georgia. He also has been independently shooting the biggest commercials in Georgia, totaling over 300 commercials. He directed an episode of the film “Tbilisi Love Story” and soon after shot his first independent feature film ,“Seazone” in 2010. In 2019, he shot the first interactive 3-hour commercial film in Georgia, “Arena”.

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