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HKAFF Fall 2017

20 September 2017 - Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival Fall 2017 winners:

Best Narrative Feature Film: The Astronauts' Bodies (Germany) by Alisa Berger. "When his two mature children Anton (19) and Linda(19) start leaving the house, as they just have graduated from school, father Michael(55) stops taking care of his body as a protest. His son Anton takes part in a bed-rest-study to contribute to space-travelling, while his sister Linda is in search of her first love and is drawn to a young man, who seems to have similar problems like her father."

Best Documentary Feature Film: The Chronicles of Polyaris (Portugal) by Christine Reeh. "A lost man... An abandoned settlement... An almost wordless story about a fallen utopia located at the edge of the world. After a tragic air crash at the end of the millennium, life in the Russian mining town on Spitsbergen ceased to exist overnight. A few years later, an anonymous chronicler arrives in order to present a dismal report about the state of human non-existence."


Best Narrative Short Film: Nemercka (Greece) by Avrilios Karakostas. "Missing her, will take him to a journey. He will cross on foot the place they met and lived, so that in a way he can see her again."


Best Documentary Short Film: Hasta Siempre, Comandante (Cuba) by Faisal Attrache. "Ernesto, a 14 year old barber, wants to get a tattoo despite his father's adamant objection to it. Living in the shadow of the revolutionary generation’s unrelenting Cuban ideals, he must reconcile these values with the reality around him."


Best Animated Short Film: Shadow (China) by LeiLei. "This film tells about a girl who had been followed and abused sexually suffered sendary injuries which were all from different treatments of people around her."

Best Experimental Film: Sculpt the Motion (Italy) by Devis Venturelli. "Sculpt the motion shows continuous transformations of metallic bodies through different urban plans. Contemporary architecture is a scenario for a performance, an experience as a sculptural promenade in a continuous flux. Silver strata of insulating material in action through the body change in mobile sculptures evoke Boccioni's Futurist dynamism.


Best Music Video: Tears (Switzerland) by Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux. "A psychologic story of a strange chain smoking woman having misadventures with a dangerous husband..."


Best Underground Film: Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters (United States) by John Brennan. "When notoriously promiscuous Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. waltzes into the story, it is no surprise that the Sex Lobsters start to spread like wildfire, and everyone in Tromaville is feeling the burn! The romantic bi-sexual aquatic savior Dolphinman returns to Tromaville to fight the lobsters and bring relief from the unbearable itching and burning sensations befallen upon the town like a pat of extra-creamy butter."


Best Hong Kong Cinema: Longing (Hong Kong) by Chan Tsun Yin. "Anthony claimed that he accidentally killed his son, John. A few years before John’s death, Anthony was discharged from prison, and brought home his illegitimate child Karl. John became rebellious and harmed Karl. Frank the officer found Anthony’s confession doubtful, and believed the murderer was someone else..."

Official selection Fall 2017:

Exquisite Corpse (U.S.) by Laura (Jingyi) Li

Re-Organization (Israel) by osi wald , Ricardo Werdesheim, Moran Somer

The Astronauts' Bodies (Germany) by Alisa Berger

Mt. (Taiwan) by Lai Yu Chi

Love Me (Germany) by Nergis Usta

National Gymnastics (Sout Korea) by Gyuri Lee

Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters (U.S.) by John Brennan

In a World of Bad Breath (U.S.) by Christopher Graybill

Ringo Rocket Star and His Song for Yuri Gagarin (Netherlands) by Rene Nuijens

A Perfect Circle (For my Dad) (U.S.) by Noah Engel

Shadow (China) by LeiLei

Lab Rat #31415 (U.S.) by Justin Weinrich

Sculpt the Motion (Italy) by Devis Venturelli

Threshold (Argentina) by Claudio Perrin

The pencil (Switzerland) by Basile Vuillemin

A Close Call (U.K.) by Wing Chiu

The Pieces (U.S.) by Blake Ortego

Experimental: No.4 / Parts: 1+2 (U.S.) by Atton Paul

Inferno (U.S.) by Dustin Rosemark

Medea's Walk (Ukraine) by Mel Hsieh

Bird’s Nest - Hêlîn (Turkey) by Fırat Gürgen

The Dream Hatcher (Russia) by Mel Hsieh

12 Yellow Stars (Finland) by Henna-Riikka Halonen

Enthalpy (Germany) by Lena Doreen Zwerina

Shame (Spain) by Alberto Rey Garcia

Hasta Siempre, Comandante (Cuba) by Faisal Attrache

Glory (Israel) by Assaf Hayut

Pooma - Soldier (Official Music Video) (Germany) by Harun Güler

Where I Belong (Portugal) by Miguel Munhá

Nemercka (Greece) by Avrilios Karakostas

1st June (U.K.) by Gabriel Calderwood

Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning (Canada) by DaCosta Bayley

Embers & Dust (Not Specified) by Patrick Biesemans

In Through the Night (U.S.) by Josiah Cuneo

Going Ape (Hong Kong) by Nicolas Lesaffre, Charles Blanchard

In The Still Of The Night (Singapore) by Sanif Olek

White Trash (Argentina) by Jeff Zorrilla, Ignacio Tamarit

The Shuttle (U.S.) by Lu Han

Monger (Argentina) by Jeff Zorrilla

Longing (Hong Kong) by Chan Tsun Yin

Tears (Switzerland) by Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux

The Chronicles of Polyaris (Portugal) by Christine Reeh

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